Somatic Pilates

This is not just another mechanical exercise method to ‘get fit’, it is an advanced mind-body fitness method.

Somatic Pilates is a unique movement method of ‘learning to move better’ through verbal guided instructions that emphasize the ‘ internal connection’ between the body and mind, to attain better movement, improved posture, pain relief and relaxation.

Somatic Pilates can be a complementary or an alternative approach to fitness and wellbeing. It is a powerful and effective method of a sequence of structured verbal guidance on how to think, observe, sense, feel and listen to the internal connections of the body; to replace old habits of moving with new ways of moving to create ease to alleviate tension and stress.

Somatic Pilates is learning through verbal guided instruction how to move with ease and agility to create new patterns of movement to improve backache, neck, shoulder and hip issues. And other activities such as walking, running, athletics, swimming, martial arts and other sports. Or for anyone who wants to carry out their everyday activities with ease and efficiency.Rather than teaching ‘the right ‘ way to move it provides you with ‘more choices’ of what is right for your body. There is no competitive element or judgement to this method, it is an integrated therapeutic practice that creates lasting change.

The method can deal with a variety of other conditions; joint problems, mobility, coordination and stress-related issue and is effective to those wish to stay fit and healthy.

This mindful and intelligent approach to exercise and well- being is an alternative or supportive addition to standard yoga, pilates and other modalities and of benefit to anyone interested in health, fitness and well–being.