About Me

Hello, I am Shirley Jeffers, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Pilates Teacher in Southampton, Hampshire. I trained in London with Alan Herdman and Polestar Pilates and specialise in quality movement-based classes and private sessions to help people to re-learn how to improve their movement, posture, increase strength, flexibility, balance, and help to reduce pain and work-life stress and much more. I can guide you in how to ‘move better ‘and feel at ease in your body through neuromuscular repatterning lessons that improve the way you move and feel. 

I bring an exploratory and caring approach to the classes which are small which allows for individual attention. And rather than teaching‘ the right way to move’ you are provided with different possibilities to explore for what feels right for you. There is no competitive element or judgement in this method. It is an integrated therapeutic practice that carries over into everyday life and can create lasting change. 

This approach is suitable for anyone with musco-skeletal problems, pain and injury, rehabilitation after an injury, work-life stress and general wellbeing. My interest in this field first led me to train in Pilates and later in The Feldenkrais Method which has become a lifelong learning process.

 Many people treat the body and mind as separate parts that do not communicate with each other, which is not true and this has led to a disconnection between the mind and body. However, recent research has shown that it is the brain and nervous system that work together to change our physical and mental health – they act as one system that can create long term change. The ethos of ‘no pain, no gain’ is old and outdated and a more holistic approach is the best way of working with the intelligence of the body. This is the fitness system of the future and beyond. For more information or to book a class please call me on 07743484847 or email me here.