The Feldenkrais Method

Feldy class - on front paying attention

The Feldenkrais Method has been a closely kept secret that has been known to the few, which at last is gaining a wider audience. This method is about retraining the brain through body awareness movements that changes old habitual patterns that are the cause of acute and chronic pain.

A journalist from the New York Times has written an article explaining the benefits of the method which is suitable for any age, fitness level and state of well- being.

Lower Back Pain

Playing tennis using backhand

For too long the medical profession has dominated treatment of lower back pain which can result in surgery and the use of prescriptive drugs. At last things are changing with doctors and hospitals now questioning the benefits and looking for other alternative ways that are effective; including offering exercise on prescription.

The Feldenkrais Method is not a name commonly known, but awareness of this is changing. It is a form of somatic education developed by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais. It uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve posture and efficiency of movement.

Breath – Movement Technique

The Feldenkrais Method is on the verge of becoming mainstream, and about time too! This breath – movement technique is a uniquely practical way of releasing acute and chronic pain that realigns the body to improve physical and mental well-being. Charlotte Lytton’s recent article gives a taster of this remarkable method.